Elbow Valley
Showers in the Vicinity
5:27am9:53pm MDT
Feels like: 14°C
Wind: 5km/h ENE
Humidity: 71%
Pressure: 1013.88mbar
UV index: 2
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Bear Sightings Update
Posted On May 27, 2021

It’s springtime once again and there have been multiple bear sightings in Elbow Valley, including a mother and cubs, near the southern edge of the community in the Wolfwillow area. Recent reports indicate bear(s) moving north and spotted around Majestic Gate.  Please report any bear (or cougar) sightings to EVRC management so we may monitor the situation and notify the appropriate agency if necessary.

In most cases, bears are attracted into the community by two things; garbage bins either stored outside or placed outside the night before pickup (neither is allowed under any circumstance), or by bird feeders or other attractants (again, not allowed).  Should bears become habituated to the presence of garbage or other food attractants and become a problem, the worst-case scenario is that they will be put-down by Alberta Fish & Wildlife.  This would be a terrible outcome that can be avoided if residents follow the rules & regulations that are in place to prevent such an occurrence.  Please familiarize yourself with both the Garbage and Wildlife sections of the Elbow Valley Website, found in the Residents Portal/Community ‘Need to Knows’ area.

For more information on how to reduce conflict between people and bears in Elbow Valley see the Alberta BearSmart link below: