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Bear Sightings — Continued
Posted On September 9, 2022

There have been multiple and increased bear sightings in Elbow Valley, including a mother and cubs.

Please use caution and report any Bear sightings to both the EVRC and Alberta Fish & Wildlife (1-800-642-3800).

In most cases, bears are attracted into the community by two things; garbage bins either stored outside or placed outside the night before pickup , or by bird feeders or other attractants.  Should bears become habituated to the presence of garbage or other food attractants and become a problem, the worst-case scenario is that they will be euthanized by Alberta Fish & Wildlife.   Please familiarize yourself with both the Garbage and Wildlife sections of the Elbow Valley Website, found in the Residents Portal/Community ‘Need to Knows’ area.

For more information on how to reduce conflict between people and bears in Elbow Valley see the Alberta BearSmart link below: