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A Beautiful Setting

Our Residents Clubhouse is exclusively available to community residents. It’s the perfect space for both community and private events. The clubhouse features two floors plus a full kitchen and a kitchenette and may be rented by the floor or the entire building. Both floors provide an intimate setting suitable for a variety of events. Community events open to everyone in Elbow Valley may be booked at no charge. Private events such as weddings and parties will be charged a rental fee.

Located in a beautiful setting, our clubhouse features 1,200 square feet of space on the main floor. The main floor is beautifully furnished, featuring large windows and sliding doors that open onto a wrap-around deck overlooking the lake and beach areas. The view provides the perfect backdrop for any event. A kitchenette, washroom, wood-burning fireplace and multiple seating areas make this the perfect space to host any function.

The lower level of the clubhouse features 1,200 square feet of un-furnished, open-concept space. It is adaptable to a number of activities, with a full kitchen and commercial fridge, a dance floor area, two washrooms, and a large wrap-around patio overlooking the adjoining lakefront.

Who can book the clubhouse?

The Residents Clubhouse is available for bookings or rentals by both Elbow Valley residents and the general public.

Can I serve alcohol?

Yes, you may serve alcohol at your event provided you follow certain guidelines and obtain the necessary license. A liquor license from the AGLC must be obtained by the organizer and provided to the Residents Club three days prior to your event. You will also need to obtain Liquor Liability Insurance, which may be done through the Residents Club for a fee. Lastly, you will need to have a non-drinking, responsible, person designated as the bartender. They cannot consume alcohol during the event.

Where can we park?

There is a parking lot adjacent to the clubhouse.

Can I decorate the clubhouse?

Yes, you may. The caveat is that nothing can be used to hang pictures or decorations that will deface the clubhouse in any way, and/or damage walls and/or paint finishes. Please be aware that many forms of tape fall into this category, as they may damage walls or other surfaces. Using wall tacks is strictly prohibited. No confetti, rice or glitter is allowed, and your security deposit will be charged for cleaning if those items are evident after the event.

How do I book the clubhouse?

If you wish to book the clubhouse you may do so by using the Clubhouse Rental Request Form, contacting us for information, or by visiting the clubhouse during business hours to confirm availability and costs.

There are two types of events that may be booked at the clubhouse – Community and Private:  Community Events (events open to the entire Elbow Valley community) may be booked at no charge.  Private Events are charged at an hourly rate (see Costs).

A walk-through of the facility will be held prior to your event and you will receive a key and instructions for the security alarms at this time. The key must be returned the day following your event.


Private events are charged per the following:

Rental of One Level

  • 1-4 hours $150
  • 4+ hours $275

Building Rental

  • 1-4 hours $200
  • 4+ hours $375


A $50 deposit is required to hold the reservation for Private Events.

A refundable security deposit of $500 for residents is due at the time of signing the rental agreement, paid by cheque to Elbow Valley Residents Club. Deposits will be returned in full if there have been no incidences of damage and if no additional cleaning services are needed to restore the clubhouse to its original condition.

Are there any restrictions?

All events must end by 10 p.m., Sunday through Thursday, and by 1 a.m. for Friday and Saturday evening events. Clean-up is to commence immediately following the event. 

This is a residential community, and we ask that you be considerate of the neighbours who live nearby the Residents Clubhouse.

What are my responsibilities?

In addition to ensuring the clubhouse is left clean and ready to accommodate the next event,  all liquor, food and personal belongings must be removed following the event. Garbage must be bagged and left in the outside receptacles on the lower patio. The refrigerator, if used, must be cleaned out. 

A fireplace is available for use at the clubhouse. If you plan to use the fireplace, please inform the Residents Clubhouse staff during your walkthrough. Ensure that the flue is open prior to lighting the fire. The fire must be completely extinguished, and the glass doors closed, prior to leaving at the end of the event.

Be aware, the Residents Clubhouse is used regularly, and there may be other events scheduled during the same day or evening.

You have the option to arrange with Client Services for an outside cleaning service to be used.  In this case, there will be an additional cost for cleaning.

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