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Posted On February 3, 2022

Coyote Mating Season:

The next 4-6 weeks is mating season for coyotes. They breed from mid-January to early March. After a gestation period of 63 to 65 days, a litter of five to seven pups is born.

During the weeks following the birth, the male will bring food to the family, but the female will not allow him inside the den. Male coyotes can and usually do become more aggressive during this time of year.

Keep your dogs on leash, especially during this time. Do not let your dogs out alone, or off leash in rural or areas of heavy coyote population such as golf courses and easily travelled pathways. The coyote gets your dog to chase him and in the distance the pack waits for your dog.

The outcome is tragic as they can and will attack and kill your pets. Coyotes always pose a risk to your dog and to other small pets and that risk increases during mating season.

What to do in a coyote encounter:

  • If you encounter a coyote, make the experience unpleasant for the animal. Make it feel unwelcome in your neighbourhood. Even if you are not concerned about problems with coyotes, they should not feel comfortable around us or our homes.
  • Respond to their presence aggressively by making yourself appear larger. Wave your arms overhead, or thrust long objects like a walking stick toward the coyote.
  • Throw rocks, sticks or other objects toward the animal.
  • Shout in a deep voice and maintain eye contact.
  • If the coyote continues to approach, back away slowly and move toward buildings or human activity if the coyote continues to approach.
  • Do not turn away or run. This will encourage the coyote to chase you.
  • For situations involving aggressive encounters, phone the Report-A-Poacher number at 1-800-642-3800 and report the details.


More information about Coyotes can also be found at Human-wildlife conflict – Coyotes | Alberta.ca