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Homes by AVI Update
Posted On November 4, 2020
Jacob McComber

Jacob McComber

Posted on November 4, 2020

September 10, 2020 – Elbow Valley Residents Club (“EVRC”) and Homes by Avi (“HBA”) are pleased to provide this update on discussions surrounding the membership of the Swift Creek Villas (“SCV”) in EVRC, and the status of HBA’s proposal to drain Reflection Pond and build storage garages and retail units on that lot (“Lot 1”).

HBA and EVRC are working on a joint initiative that could see the transfer of all of Lot 1 (which is north of Fisherman’s Lake and includes what is commonly referred to as Reflection Pond) to EVRC and kept in its natural state; and SCV owners would be granted membership in EVRC which would include rights, and obligations, to the use of all of Elbow Valley’s recreational amenities.  During our joint discussions, HBA has agreed to put their applications to Rocky View County for the storage garages and retail units on hold.

We have preliminary agreement on these major points and see this as a significant first step to a mutually beneficial resolution for everyone.

Next steps will be to formalize the terms of the agreement, including approval by EVRC members and HBA, and any others as required; and then working through the final operational and legal details.

It is hoped that based on the rapid progress to date, these final steps can be accomplished in a timely fashion.


Terry Brooker                                                                                    Avi Amir

President EVRC                                                                                 Chairman HBA