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Red bloom alga in Cattail and Muskrat Pond
Posted On June 22, 2023

Initially reported to EVRC and sampled in 2021, a red bloom alga has again been noted this season. This bloom was previously identified as “Euglena”.


In an abundance of caution while the red bloom is visible it is advised to avoid contact with the water. This is especially important for children and animals.


We expect the bloom to dissipate quickly.


“Alga Euglena: one of the most defiant single-celled organisms you’ll ever meet, and not just when it’s staining your pond a punk-rock red. It frustrated early scientists who tried to categorize it as either plant or animal. After going back and forth for years, scientists eventually just created a whole new kingdom to classify Euglena and its rebellious protist buddies.

This color-changing bloom is made up of single-celled protists that are remarkably versatile and covered by a flexible but tough protein pellicle. And while the pellicle itself is a good form of defense against the elements, Euglena also releases granules from its center that form an even harder shell to protect it when necessary from sun damage. This produces that bright red color. In fact, Euglena can react to increasing light and change from “open” green to “closed” red in less than 10 minutes, which is very cool to watch.”