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Security Announcement
Posted On April 15, 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Impact Security Group Inc. will be assuming the role of our new, permanent security team, replacing our temporary provider. Their arrival signifies an important step forward in bolstering our community’s safety measures. We eagerly anticipate their contributions, as we firmly believe their services will provide a fresh perspective and innovative strategies for our security framework. Impact Security will expand patrol hours, deploy marked and branded vehicles, provide a dedicated 24/7 dispatch line, ensure swift response times, and provide enhanced reporting capabilities.

It’s crucial to note that while security personnel complement law enforcement efforts, they do not substitute for the jurisdiction of the RCMP. Filing proper police reports, even for suspicious activity, is essential for the allocation of resources from Rocky View County to improve community safety. However, Impact Security boasts faster dispatch times than the RCMP, making them a valuable resource for immediate assistance while you await a response from the RCMP.

Impact Security can be contacted by calling 1-866-385-7037and pressing 0 for dispatch.

Please see the table below, breaking down who to call for different scenarios: