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Community Street Sweeping Update
Posted On April 22, 2021
Brent Piercy

Brent Piercy

Posted on April 22, 2021

Notice of Annual Street Sweeping

We are pleased to announce our 2021 Elbow Valley Street sweeping has been scheduled for Monday, May 3 through Tuesday, May 4.  This year we will also be completing a preparatory pre-clean from Wednesday, April 28 through Friday, April 30.  During the pre-clean, members from the ULS team may clear the front of some properties.  Pre-cleaning will be performed by carefully hand raking, using blowers and possibly light power brooms.  **Schedule is weather dependent**

Please do not park on community streets on street sweeping or pre-cleaning days – No exceptions.


What can you do to help?

Take care of any additional sweeping at your property before Monday, May 3.

What if debris is left on my street after May 4th?

If debris is left behind on your street because a car has not been moved and you would like to be a good neighbour, you may sweep up and dispose of the debris yourself.  If you decide to clean up missed debris yourself, please follow these suggestions from Waste & Recycling:

  • Be sure to use garbage bags when cleaning up gravel, dust, rocks and other debris and do not place loose debris in your black bin. This will help keep the air free of dust and keep collection trucks clean as well.
  • For your collector’s safety, place all bagged debris inside your black bin for removal.
  • Heavy road debris should be double-bagged to avoid punctures and rips in the bags. Try to keep the weight down to under a 20kg (45 pound) weight limit and don’t overload your black bin.