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Posted On June 3, 2021

Several EVRC residents received red tags this morning indicating their black organic bins required replacement. If you received a tag before 10:30 am, you may have received this notice in error.

A black bin is permitted for organics collection if marked with an “Organics Only” sticker, and you have a second black bin being used for waste collection.

All bins for our collection program must also meet the following criteria

Approved bins will be:

  • Specifically designed for mechanical collections. Have a durable baffle catch, lid and bar to connect lid are separate components so the lid opens correctly when tipped upside down
  • Of a container made from strong rigid plastic that does not compress when in grabber arm
  • Comprised of components that BluPlanet can easily replace. There are three brands that provide a universal standard for door-to-door collection bins (IPL, Toter & Rehrig)


To order a new bin
To order bag tags
For complete program information

Thank you to our diligent community for the immediate feedback on the replacement tags. 

If you believe you received an incorrect notice on your bin for a reason not mentioned above, please send an email with a photo of your bin.