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Latest News
Updates to Recycling Program
Posted On June 30, 2021

Previously, residents taking advantage of curbside recycling collection were allowed only as much material as they could fit inside their rolling Blue Bin.  Materials left outside the bin would not be picked up.  The following update to this policy has been made to allow extra materials to be picked up under the following conditions.


  • Extra recycling (what can not fit inside your bin with the lid completely closed) can be placed next to your bin if packaged inside CLEAR plastic bags, only, and if an ‘Overage Bag Tag’ is used.
  • Clear plastic bags will require an ‘Overage Bag Tag’ to be attached, or they will not be collected.  See the Garbage Collection section of the website for details on how to purchase Overage Bag Tags in advance.
  • Any extra recycling placed outside of your bin that does not follow the above rules will not be collected. (ex. loose folded up cardboard).  Large pieces of cardboard must be cut into smaller pieces and placed inside your bin.