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Posted On June 13, 2023


We have received reports that (well intended) residents have sprayed herbicides such as Roundup on community medians and other unit one lands. If sprayed and not killed, it is probable that the weed will develop a chemical-resistance and become more challenging to manage.

Also, it is little known that spraying herbicide on land beyond your private property is legislated by both the federal and provincial government. A license is required and without it, spraying is considered illegal.

Further information on EVRC’s weed management program is described below.


Rocky View County completes seasonal weed inspections of Elbow Valley (EVRC). Since contracting ULS, a general reduction in weed growth has been noted through these inspections and the approach to control has County approval.


An Integrated Pest Management (IPM) plan is implemented in EVRC. This means that any invasive pest (weeds in this case) should be dealt with by using multiple controls over several seasons. For the IPM approach, the intent is to control the pest, rather than eliminate it, as eliminating it isn’t usually a viable option or requires drastic and environmentally damaging intervention.


The majority of control in EVRC is by mechanical means (mowers, trimmers and hand pulling), and select spraying of broad-leaf herbicide.

The advantages and disadvantages:

  • Mechanical controls immediately damage/destroy the weed’s structures above-ground, but don’t usually kill the plant.
  • Herbicides do a better job of killing the plant, but do not remove the plant structure and are potentially toxic to non-pest plants.
  • A herbicide that targets plants with broad leaves is used in EVRC. Almost all weeds in Alberta are considered broad-leaf plants while grasses aren’t, making it an effective control that does not kill grass. It does kill other non-weed broadleaf plants, so treatment areas are limited to not damage desired natural plant life. If too much herbicide of any type is sprayed in a single area, it will inevitably kill all plant life in the area.


The most common weeds in Elbow Valley are Thistles (several species), Creeping Bellflower, Leafy Spurge, Common Tansy, Oxeye Daisy, Black Henbane, Scentless Chamomile. Mechanical control will continue to be used most extensively to target these weeds, with a large-area herbicide application 1-2 times per season. The ULS horticulturist suggests that the best time to spray is when Thistles are in their bud-to-bloom stage, generally seen in mid to late July.



  • EVRC does treat or control nuisance weeds (e.g. Dandelions).
  • Herbicides used in EVRC have been deemed safe for wildlife.
  • Proactive measures are taken to ensure the safety and sustainability of the water table.
  • Alberta’s list of Noxious and Prohibited-Noxious weeds can be viewed at: